Introduction: This article is for the beginners who want to have a brief look at the 10 key topics about react. First of all, React is a javascript library and it is created by facebook, we all have heard of it. Right? We can’t say react js to a complete framework because it is not a 100% solution for the web. To complete the tasks we need to include other libraries.

1.Let’s talk about Library VS Framework

To start with frameworks are beginner friendly as there are a lot of predefined solutions available, though for larger projects it can be…

In this article, I will try to give write down about three topics that are very interesting and I have also had so much fun while learning these topics.

1.ES6(ECMAScript 6 )

ECMAScript 2015 or ES2015 is a cool update to JavaScript. It is the first major update to the language since ES5 which was standardized in 2009. Therefore, ES2015 is often called ES6.

Some key features of ES6 are-

A.Syntax -

let (it is used to declare a block-scoped variables, variables value that might change)

const (to declare const variable)

B.arrow function-

const add=(num1,num2)=>{

return num1 +num2;



Strings are basically sequences of Unicode characters (UTF-16 code units) and represented by 16-bit numbers. In javascript, we can declare a string like

const myName = “Habib”;

1.To find out the length of myName variable we simply can run,

console.log(myName.length); // output: 5

2.charAt(index) shows the character in the index, in our example, we can apply console.log(myName.charAt(2));//output: b.

3.We can also convert all the characters in a string into uppercase or lowercase.

console.log(myName.toUpperCase()); // HABIB

console.log(myName.toLowerCase()); // habib

4.Two array of strings or simply two string can be added together with ‘concat()’ mthod

const firstName = ‘Habibur’;

const lastName =…

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